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Things to Remember:

All Colin’s Campers run on UNLEADED PETROL

The vehicle you are driving is over 40 years old. Although, the vehicle has been significantly upgraded, a lot of the controls do not respond in the same way that modern cars now do.

Keep to a maximum speed of 50 – 60 miles and hour. Driving the vehicle at higher speeds over a long period of time may lead to the engine overheating and an early curtailment of your holiday. Aim to stop around every hour travelling to allow the engine to cool down. How long to stay stopped will depend on the temperature of the engine and how hot outside. We would recommend a minimum of 15 minutes


The vehicle that you are driving is air-cooled. If the vehicle is not moving for a while then there is a significant risk of overheating, especially in hot summer months. If caught in a traffic jam, then the engine needs to be turned off if the vehicle is not moving.

Frequently check the oil and add to it if necessary

If the leisure battery is drained then certain internal electrics, such as the heater, sink, DVD will not work. The vehicle you are driving may have drum brakes on the back and it helps more effective braking if you go down through the gears as you brake.


Do not drive away with the poptop up. It will get damaged and the cost of replacing it is around £4000. You will be charged for damage not covered by our insurance caused by negligent use.

Don’t forget to disconnect the electric power lead before driving away. This can cause significant damage if not removed. When charging it is sometimes a good idea to place part of the lead over the windscreen so that it can be seen by the driver to prevent this from happening.

Before driving off, make sure all loose items are properly secured in cupboards etc, so that when you brake, they do not become a hazard or become damaged.


Aim to get back in good time so that you don’t have to rush. If you are going to return late, please can you contact Colin’s Campers on 07446333999. There is an hourly charge of £50 per hour or partial hour for late returns and a £500 fine for unauthorized return after 530pm.

The vehicle has been returned once the keys have been dropped off through the drop box with the vehicle safely parked in one of our allocated parking bays and locked up with no customer items inside. There is a charge of £100 for not parking in the correct spaces.


The vehicles hired are old classics with an old fashioned style engine and fuel system. They have carburettors rather than a modern closed fuel system. It is normal to have a smell of petrol and oil and its nothing to worry about as long as no petrol liquid is leaking.


At Colin’s Campers we do everything you can to make sure the vehicles are reliable, but they are classic vehicles and as such breakdowns do occasionally occur.

Process for vehicle breakdown


Text Colin's Campers on 07446333999 and let us know. We do not offer a 24/7 service,

although if working we do respond when we can.


The vehicle is covered by the RAC breakdown service. Telephone 03332000999. You do not

need Colin's Campers' permission to utilise this service. If the vehicle is recovered then it

must be delivered to one of our allocated parking spaces at

Colin’s Campers, Unit 12, The Brunel Centre, Cory Way, West Wilts Trading Estate, Westbury. BA13 4QT



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